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Web Site Graphical Design

This is for people who want to design and lay out their web site themselves, but need help with the graphic elements, like pictures and artistic renderings. We have some of the most talented and experienced graphic artists available anywhere.

Hourly rate - graphic services at $70/ hour (for Flash graphics, add $50/hr)
We bill you a straight hourly rate, monthly or by design item (whichever you prefer) for whatever graphics work we have performed for you during the preceeding month.

Page rate - individual page designs at $60/ hour (Flash graphics will be more)
This option appeals to people who want a web page template so they can insert their own content.

Project rate - one price for designing your entire project.
Price will depend on the number of web pages we design, but can generally be estimated by multiplying the number of pages you expect to have by $150. We will provide you with a firm price once we understand your requirement.

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