Recent Examples of Successful SoutherDyne Designs

Business Development Testing, Inc (view site)
Biztest is a company that helps people who are thinking about starting a business. They sell tests that gauge how prepared a person is for business ownership.

    Design Challenges:
  • Credit card processing
  • On-line testing and report generation in Adobe pdf
  • Administration accounts (private area)
    Owner Involvement:
  • Owner wanted to do the design and web site maintenence themselves. We did the design and implementation of the testing, reporting, private area, and credit card processing.

American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (view site)
AAOMPT is a professional association.

    Design Challenges
  • Private member's area
  • Literature library
  • Full maintenance and support
  • Restricted on-line database administration
  • Mailing list capability
    Owner Involvement:
  • Monthly web site updates (view site)
The primary web site for the Department of Mississippi, Disabled American Veterans

    Design Challenges
  • Combine their proud Mississippi heritage with distinctive DAV look and feel
  • Integration of current news panel
    Owner Involvement:
  • Provide periodic updates

Golden LLC (view site)
A testing and certification web site.

    Design Challenges
  • On-line certification testing and diploma generation
  • On-line class registration and payment
  • On-line personality testing and report generation in Adobe pdf
  • Full maintenance and support
    Owner Involvement:
  • Periodic updates



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